What Are Your Options For Second Citizenship?

Welcome to CitizenshipBureau.com, an information source to help you understand the different second citizenship options open to you and your family.

My name is Stuart and I am the creator of this website. In an earlier part of my career I was a financial advisor to expatriates. I held several UK based qualifications about personal financial and investment planning.

When you work with expats and their finances, conversations about taxation, residency, citizenship and domicile are very common. These are complex areas and you need to do lots of reading and research to understand things. But, there are very few books about the subject, no international qualifications and really not much help at all.

A typical situation I encountered might be something like a Dutch citizen, with a Brazilian wife, resident in Belgium, with banking and assets in Europe and South America…

I then worked as a marketing consultant in 2014 and 2015 with several companies based in Malta that were actively involved in promoting the Maltese citizenship by investment program, known as IIP. This meant that I had to do much more reading and hold many more conversations with experts to ensure that my knowledge was up to date.

Generally, the only people that study the area of economic citizenship programs are lawyers and they typically study only the naturalization rules that relate to the nationality of their examination (which means the country that they are in), or EU law, so while they have some knowledge of passports, it usually has very real limits.

This website’s goal is to put that right, just a little bit. I do not claim to know everything possible about dual, economic or second citizenship or citizenship by investment. Nobody knows everything on this subject. I am also not pretending to have the right qualifications, because I don’t and there aren’t any. I’m not even a lawyer, but I know a lot about this subject and I am making that available to you.

I understand that there are many sensitivities that surround nationality and passports, some are easy to quantify, while others are more like general emotions.

There are many people that are practical or open-minded enough to be able to buy or sell passports through economic citizenship programs and many people that would refuse on principle. Despite this, the site is designed to provide an unbiased look at the various naturalization schemes that exist.

Some of the information will be the (boring but) vital facts that are needed to make a decision. There is also some more general commentary about countries and second citizenship issues.

Caveat emptor
At this juncture it is important to point out that everyone’s situation is different and I recommend that you conduct your own due diligence and seek out advice tailored to your circumstances before making any important decisions. Hopefully this website will help you to narrow down your naturalization options to the most appropriate schemes, but from there, you really must seek out advice tailored to your specific circumstances.

Citizenship And Passports Explained

There are a number of pages which can provide you with a good overview of a topic. For example:
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– an explanation of residence (information here)
– an explanation of tax havens (information here)
– an explanation of naturalization (information here)
– an explanation of dual citizenship (information here)
– an explanation of citizenship by investment (information here)
– an explanation of double taxation agreements (information here)
– an explanation of how an immigration lawyer can help you (information here)
– lists and links of the best passports in the world for visa free travel and the highest quality of life (information here)

Whatever your reasons for wanting a second passport may be, the aim of this site is simply to provide unbiased information that helps you to make decisions that lead to further research and appropriate options.

Therefore, I wish you luck in your quest to discover more and enhance your life through naturalization and economic citizenship.

Good luck!